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Pre Season Training Programs About us

Coach Assist was born back in 2008, when a Google search for AFL training drills revealed very few websites were providing quality AFL training programs and drills.

Coach Assist seized upon this opportunity, and since launching in 2009, we’ve amassed the largest collection of training drills for AFL coaches on the planet. 200 AFL training drills have been presented with stunning 3D diagrams, clear instructions, and most come with an accompanying video of players performing the drills, making it easy for coaches to learn the drill pattern.

Pre Season Training Programs

AFL drills are only the beginning. The site has tools for grass roots AFL coaches that save time and get you organised. We have the ultimate tool for creating AFL training programs: Pro-Session. Enter areas you want to work on, e.g. switching, tackling, goalkicking and Pro-Session will generate an AFL training session containing drills that focus on those strategies or skills, to the exact time specification you want. The training program will contain warm-up and warm-down drills, just like a program you would design yourself.

Pre Season Training Programs

For the AFL preseason, we have a complete set of drills and tips to help develop an AFL preseason training program. You can build training programs that use your own drills too. After training you can rate any new drills used, to help remember your favourites.

Pre Season Training Programs

The coach’s diary is a one-stop-shop for training sessions, fixture and results, simple to navigate and update. Record your scores, enter your best players and goalkickers and our system creates automatic leader boards for B&F and leading goalkicker awards. You can also record the starting line-up of each match, then print and share with your players and supporters.

Pre Season Training Programs

We have a complete set of stretches that work on every muscle group, handy for coaches without a fitness coach – or to find some new stretching methods.

Pre Season Training Programs

Coach Assist is perfect for all levels of coaching:-

  • We have 200 AFL drills: a treasure trove of new ideas to use at training
  • Great tools for beginner and time-pressed coaches to generate training programs
  • Access everything it from your phone, never worry about forgetting/losing your notes

With over 2,000 happy coaches so far, our members have been extremely satisfied with our product. Please read the member testimonials, taken from our member surveys. We know you and your players will enjoy the resources. Now let’s get started….

Kind Regards,

The Team @ Coach Assist.

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