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Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Terms of Use

By using this website Coach Assist, ("us", "our", "we"), you agree to the following terms and conditions, as well as specific terms of trade already notified to you:-
  • 1 Site Members
    • 1.1

      Upon receipt of the membership fee, members can gain access to secured areas of the site by entering their registered email and password login credentials.
    • 1.2

      Refunds, full or partial, will not be given if the member terminates during the initial 12 month subscription period.
    • 1.3

      If payment was made by credit card, your card will be annually re-billed the original subscription amount paid. If you are re-billed for a consecutive period but wish to terminate the membership(s), you have 30 days in which to inform Coach Assist in writing of your desire to terminate. You will then be refunded the full annual subscription fee you were charged. Members may also contact Coach Assist and request to cancel automatically billing.
  • 2Abuse of your account.
    • Your username and password should never be distributed to a third party. We monitor IP addresses to identify the physical location your account is accessed from. An account which Coach Assist deems as being abused will result in the account being disabled, no refund will be issued.
  • 3 Termination
    • 3.1

      This agreement may be terminated by either party by sending an email to this effect. On termination, we will deactivate your login capability.
    • 3.2

      You acknowledge that you have no claim for compensation or otherwise from us if the agreement is terminated under clause 3.
  • 4 Representations and Warranties
    • 4.1

      We do not guarantee secure or uninterrupted access to our site.
  • 5 Indemnities and Releases
    • 5.1

      You release us from liability, loss or injury to you or any third party resulting from use of our site.
  • 6 Site Content
    • 6.1

      You may not use our site to display or send any unlawful, inappropriate, obscene, threatening, abusive, pornographic or defamatory material, nor material which encourages activity which may lead to criminal behaviour, nor material which breaches intellectual property rights.
    • 6.2

      We may remove any material from our site which breaches clause 6.1 without notice.
    • 6.3

      We may change our site at any time without warning you.
  • 7 Information and Intellectual Property Rights
    • 7.1

      You acknowledge we own all title, right and interests to our site and the Coach Assist, brand. All drills and software on our site is subject to copyright.
  • 8 Applicable Law
    • 8.1

      The law in force in the state of South Australia, Australia, applies to this agreement.
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